Introducing a new, never-before-seen art form:

At first glance,appears to be a beautifully drawn composite animation model sheet and sericel.
It features favorite characters in a variety of expressive and dynamic poses, while further showcasing these characters
in a central serigraphic or hand-painted color image. But then, with the wave of a hand,comes to life
with lighting, music and sound effects. Lumicel's exclusive IOn feature makes all or the technology invisible. There are
no buttons, speakers, or switches to distract from the beauty or the artwork. Once the IOn is activated, a section of the model sheet is illuminated and an accompanying sound bite is played.
There are two sizes of , Portrait 16 Field
(14" X 16") and Pan 12 Field (10" X 24") and they will be available framed or unframed in very limited numbered editions
has no moving parts therefore no maintenance is required. It is battery-powered and includes a large
built-in speaker and volume control, a certificate of authenticity, a two-year warranty, and an Animated Animations toll free number for assistance.


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